Happy Hogmass!

Christmas hedgehog

Wishing all my new followers a very Happy Hogmass from all the rescue hedgehogs in my hospital.

All the hedgehogs currently with me are Autumn juveniles that were born too late in the year to get up to a suitable weight to survive hibernation. They need to be 600g+. Many had been struggling for weeks as food sources dwindled. Most came in with high burdens of internal parasites including lungworm and roundworm. Without being rescued, they would undoubtedly have perished.

They are all being treated and will stay with me now until the Spring, when they will be prepared for release back into the wild.

They will all get a special treat on Christmas day!

Please keep an eye out for small hedgehogs – often seen at this time of year scavenging around bird feeders for scraps. Any hedgehog out in the day or under 600g whether found in the day or night, needs rescuing.


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