Bed, Breakfast and the Hedgehog Highway – part 3


A great blog on how to help hedgehogs in your garden.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Christmas is over for another year; the decadent, tasty treats inside the festive fridge are dwindling and normal service is resuming. At this time of year it can be difficult to remember that food is not only about celebration and indulgence, but for many people and smaller creatures alike, food is about survival. Hedgehogs live life on the hunt for food; food to fuel their nightly wandering throughout the summer and to sustain them during the long cold of winter. In the final part of our hedgehog blog series, Hedgehog Officer Simon explains how to give your garden hedgehogs the ultimate foodie treat at your new B+B.

The promise of a decent breakfast is a serious draw for a hedgehog (as indeed for humans!). Many of the areas in which they spend time are either good places to feed, or the best routes to take to get to those places…

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